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Southern Rust found Just South

Posted by romeethredge on June 13, 2011

Southern Corn Rust Found Just South of Georgia

Dr. Bob Kemerait, UGA Extension Plant Pathologist

The very hot and dry weather remains generally unfavorable for the development and spread of northern corn leaf blight; this disease has only been
reported sporadically in Georgia in 2011 and usually has been found in
irrigated fields in corn behind corn.  Though southern corn rust thrives
in warm/hot weather, the disease is generally more of a problem when there is
both hot weather and more abundant rainfall.  Obviously most of us
are short on rainfall this season.  To date, southern corn rust has not
been found in Georgia.  HOWEVER, Kevin
Phillips with Pioneer Seed brought a sample to the UGA Disease Diagnostic
Lab in Tifton thursday, June9th that was confirmed by Jason Brock as southern corn rust.  The leafsample was collected in Jefferson County FLORIDA two miles south of the Florida-Georgia line from Brooks County.
The incidence of southern rust was very low in the field, which is heavily

Based upon this find close to the Georgia border near Brooks County, it
is advisable that growers with irrigated corn in the deep south of Georgia
continue careful scouting of their fields for southern rust and northern
corn leaf blight.  Because conditions are so hot and dry, I am not
recommending that every grower with irrigated corn in the deep south of the
state apply fungicides as the crop reaches tasseling.  Fungicides are not
needed in every irrigated field at this time.  HOWEVER, with this find in
north Florida, corn growers in Lowndes, Brooks, Thomas, Grady, Decatur,
Seminole, Cook, Colquitt, Mitchell, Baker, Miller, and Early should be on
the lookout for the disease.  Additionally, those growers who are
most risk-adverse in the region should recognize that the risk of southern rust
has increased with this find.  What remains unknown is the extent to
which southern corn rust will develop and spread this season.

Note from Rome: I was in numerous fields the past few days and have not found any southern rust yet here in Seminole County.  It’s likely just a matter of time with the find in North Florida and the windy storms weve been having to move it north.  Also, Stink bug numbers are low in most fields.

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