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General Rain A Blessing

Posted by romeethredge on July 18, 2011

The past few days we’ve had a great general rain and we’re thankful. I thought is was at least a million dollar rain but someone said no it was at least a 10 million dollar rain. It came just right on peanuts and cotton. Peanuts are pegging and filling pods and cotton is setting and filling bolls.  It’s also started an upward trend on our groundwater levels.

We had water levels as low as we have them now 2 other times recently. In August of 2007 our levels got down to 47 1/2 feet and in September of 2000 we saw 46 1/2 feet and a few days ago we saw groundwater levels of 46.4 feet but we’re seeing the levels rise over the past few days a little. Normal water level is 35 feet this time of year.  We’re fortunate to live where the groundwater levels always recharge after sustained rainfall, especially if we also get some north of us.  I just went to a Peanut meeting in San Antonio, Texas and they are really hurting for water there. The dryland crops are a loss. On the local news the weatherman reported that the groundwater had dropped another half foot and was at 40 feet lower than normal.

We spent part of Saturday kayaking down Spring Creek and enjoyed the rain there.

Dryland peanuts are setting a crop here on Eddie Lynn’s farm. Recent rains have been a big help, Mr Eddie says, and they couldn’t come at a better time.One of his sons, Dale looks on, he planted the peanuts and there’s a good stand and good yield potential.

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