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Cotton Growth and Development

Posted by romeethredge on July 20, 2011

Cotton is growing and setting bolls where it’s been watered. Here’s a field below, that is starting to bloom. I know when it was planted because I have a photo further down with the planters in the field on May 20. Donnie Ray,  Randall and Jose were putting seed in the ground.

The cotton is 50 days old and that fits in pretty closely with the chart here from the 2011 UGA Cotton Production Guide. Degree Day 60’s is another way to track crop progression and on the chart you can see the accumulation of DD-60’s for the growth progression.

You can go to our weather station (to get to them click on Georgia Weather Stations on links on the right on my blog) to calculate the DD-60’s for your specific time frame. To do so click on Calculator on left side of main page and then on Degree Days under that and then click on Donalsonville Weather station on the degree day

calculator and chose your dates. You’ll get results like I did on screenshot down below.

Plant monitoring and mapping help determine if the plant is growing and fruiting normally.

Assuming a lack of moisture stress or injury from one of many potential above or below ground pests, plant growth is primarily influenced by temperature.

Plant development proceeds approximately according to a heat unit model which uses 60 o F as the base temperature. In this system, heat units are referred to as DD-60s and are calculated based on an average daily temperature oF minus 60o F. The formula is listed below.

For example, a day with a maximum of 86o F and a minimum temperature of 70o F produces 18 DD-60s, [(86o + 70o / 2) 60o = (156o/ 2) – 60o = 78o – 60o = 18 DD-60’s].

 Temperatures above 93 degrees should be entered as 93 because higher temperatures probably don’t increase growth.

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