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Peanut Grower’s Group involved in Solar Power

Posted by romeethredge on February 1, 2012

Our local peanut grower’s group recently put in a big solar power installation.  Thanks to David Maxwell of the Donalsonville News, and Wade Spooner for the aerial photo. Here’s the details.

American Peanut Growers Group expands commitment to sustainability with Georgia’s Largest Rooftop Solar Installation

 Donalsonville, GAJanuary 17, 2012 – Peanut Growers aren’t usually the first group of businessmen and farmers that come to mind when discussing renewable energy, but with the rising cost of electricity and the sharp drop in solar prices, the drying sheds at APGG are now home to the largest roof mounted solar array in Georgia.   The American Peanut Growers Group, LLC (APGG) in Donalsonville, GA invested in this array as a commitment to sustainability. More than just simply environmental stewardship, there are significant financial benefits to going solar. By lowering peak demand from Georgia Power they are directly reducing their cost of energy – both now and in the future.  With a thirty year plus expected life, those solar savings will continue to increase as electricity costs rise.  This 400kW solar installation was designed and built by Hannah Solar, LLC, Georgia’s leader in renewable energy, and uses Georgia’s homegrown solar panel manufacturer Suniva to efficiently harvest the sun.

Terry Shamblin, CEO of APGG said “We are proud that the (87) peanut producers who make up the ownership of American Peanut Growers Group, LLC are supportive of our environmental stewardship, and our sustainability, including this move toward renewable energy.  Our new solar panel array, installed by Hannah Solar, and the contract approved by Georgia Power to purchase the power generated from it, is a smart plan for the future.  Solar electricity generation makes sense from a long-term cost standpoint, as well as reducing U.S. dependency on other sources of fuel.  We see many of our peanut product manufacturing customers spending a lot of time and money promoting sustainability, and we are glad to be doing our part.”

Not only has APGG done their part but they have also done it in a unique way. Hannah Solar is the leading provider of solar barns in Georgia and the Southeast, making them the natural choice for APGG. Hannah Solar worked closely with Harold Still of Southern AgCom, Inc. to reinforce the structures to support the added weight. Solar barns are essentially open sheds used as storage to protect equipment, feed or supplies from the elements. APGG utilized five of the existing drying sheds at their shelling plant. “American Peanut Growers Group, LLC built a new peanut processing facility in 2003, and it was designed to be one of the cleanest operating peanut shelling facilities ever built.  The shelling plant is equipped with three 350-horsepower fans feeding bag houses filtering the air from our shelling process.  Our air quality permits project we will emit only a very small amount of particulate matter back into the air annually.  The installation of the new solar panel electricity generation helps soften the blow of a high electrical use required to keep our air clean, making us more efficient and making our processes more sustainable.” explained Shamblin.

“We appreciate the help and assistance from Hannah Solar and Georgia Power Company to develop, install and implement this new equipment.” added Shamblin. Pete Marte, CEO of Hannah Solar agreed, “Working with Terry Shamblin and the entire board of APGG was a great fit for Hannah Solar. Not only do they understand the importance of using solar to mitigate their high electric consumption, but they also understood how this was good for Georgia jobs and protecting Georgia’s environmental future.” Marte added, “As we continue to work with Georgia Power, we are excited to have their support in creating a better, cleaner energy mix here in Georgia.  Solar is the perfect vehicle to provide peak power, harvesting energy on site when needed most.”

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