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Corn Nearing End

Posted by romeethredge on June 21, 2012

Relatively new county agents from nearby counties, Andrew Sawyer, Thomas County and Max Demott , Mitchell County,  were here recently looking at some crops with me.  We found stink bugs, you can see the hatchout of young bugs and the adult brown stinkbug on the corn leaf.

We noticed that corn is in the early dent stage in many fields.  So it needs a couple more weeks or so until black layer formation when irrigation can be cut off. We need to keep it wet now, however as corn uses 3 tenths of an inch of water per day.   When fully dented , it will decrease to 0.27 inch per day. But we need to keep water on it until black layer formation. You can start to see the milk line go down from the top of the kernel as we go from dent to black layer.


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