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Decent Dryland Year So Far

Posted by romeethredge on July 6, 2012

Dryland farmers Jerry, Dale and Mr. Eddie Lynn report a decent year so far for dryland farming.  (Seminole is a mostly irrigated county if you don’t know it.)  Mr. Eddie has been farming for many years and has lots of wisdom concerning dryland crop production.  He and the late Travis Braswell have been able in most, not all, years to make some dryland corn. Corn needs water when it needs it and too early or too late doesn’t cut it. So dryland corn production never gets close to irrigated production here but the costs are less says Mr Eddie.  Last year was tough with a failed corn crop due to the heat and dry weather but peanuts are tough and they made a good peanut crop.

This years’ dryland corn is decent as you can see by the ear that Dale is holding. The peanuts look very good as you can see the crop they are setting. These peanuts are about 75 days old so we still have a ways to go but they are doing well.


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