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Posted by romeethredge on July 16, 2012

This is a better year than last year concerning rainfall.  Some of the cloudiness that came with rains may have affected corn yields, especially later planted corn. Corn needs lots of sunshine for top yields. 

Our local weather station at the Donalsonville Airport, , has recorded rainfall information available on the web for anyone to study. 

For all of 2012 we have received 26.41 inches here as compared to 21.98 inches in the same time frame in 2011. If you look at the long term average for our area we should get 31 inches. So we are about 4 ½ inches low for the year.  I believe that some parts of the county have gotten more rain than the airport and are actually above average in rainfall for this year. 

Let’s look at rainfall since we started planting corn.  If we look at accumulated rainfall from February 25 until July 15 for 2012 we have been blessed with 18.41 inches. Last year we got 13.92 inches during this time.  Our long term area average is 22 inches.  So we are about 3 inches low for the summer crop season.  

Another measure of how we are doing in regards to water is the water level in the Floridan aquifer under us.  In a nearby test well, it’s close to 46 feet down to the water.  If you look at a 31 year average it’s normally 35 feet down to the water level this time of year so we are about 11 feet low at this time.   

The worst we got this year was in February when our water level was 20 feet below average for that time of year.  It was at about the actual level it is now but we usually get winter recharge at that time, so the 31 year average is higher. Here is a graph showing the 31 year average in Gold and the Blue line is the level for the last year. 

I have links to the test well site under the blogroll section on the left side of the blog.

Spring Creek, below Brinson, last week was low but I’ve seen it lower, here we are canoeing down it last Saturday.



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