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Corn Harvest Going On

Posted by romeethredge on July 21, 2012

Corn harvest is proceeding. Price for corn is very good. Yields look good and test weights ok. Moisture from the field varies but was about 24% in some fields I was in this week.

We figure this will cost about 33 cents to dry to 15.5, only considering the variable costs. (mostly LP gas cost–for calculation purposes $ 1.95 per gallon). On farm continous flow drier. Let me know if I can help figure the cost with other moisture percentages and LP gas costs. Thanks to Dr Nathan Smith, UGA Ag Economist for help with this.

Raymond Thompson combines corn that will go to feed chickens and feed the Ethanol plant.


Todd Ray and I were checking out differences in corn hybrids. There’s lots of variability in kernel size and ear size. What you get a check for is what’s important. It’s hard to estimate yields.




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