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Corn Harvest Slowed

Posted by romeethredge on August 12, 2012

We are thankful for recent rains and I see that Attapulgus, Ga (southern Decatur County) and Marianna Florida weather stations report that they have recieved “normal” rainfall for 2012 to this point. In other words they are at or  slightly above the 30 year average for their areas.

However we are slowed on harvesting corn and we are seeing some fruit shed and leaf spot in Cotton.  Here’s a photo of some corn that was on the ground after harvest and you can see that is has been wet enough to germinate it well.

Here’s a good update from Dr Dewey Lee , UGA Extension Scientist, concerning the corn harvest in Georgia.

Georgia Corn

“The drought has had severe impact in our state as well, notably though it is widely scattered.  This means you don’t have to travel far to see good and bad dryland crops (including peanuts and cotton) just a short distance apart.  I have seen some dryland corn that was abandoned and some that will pick 130 bushels per acre  in south Georgia and probably 180-200 bushels in north Georgia. The June rains were crop saving in some cases.  Since the majority of our corn crop is irrigated, Georgia corn growers will harvest a very good crop this year.  It hasn’t been without its challenges but overall Georgia corn growers will do well.  Yield reports in the southern half range from 175 to 320+ bushels per acre (that’s right …over 300 bushels per acre).  We are all grateful our blessings particularly as we consider what’s happening in other parts of the country.  Our fellow growers are resilient and most will rebound.  I hope and pray for a better season for all.  With that said, harvest quickly and take advantage of the good pricing and begin thinking about next year.  I expect U.S. corn growers will respond to declining supplies and the need to replace it.  Think about it, corn planting season in Georgia begins in 6 1/2  months.”


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