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UGA Grazing School – Cancelled for this year

Posted by romeethredge on August 17, 2012

 This has been cancelled for this year

September 18-19th  the 2012 Grazing School will be held in Tifton, GA at the Tifton Campus Conference Center. Basic information about the Grazing School, including an outline of the program and times, is posted here: . The complete agenda and speaker list will be forthcoming.

This two-day workshop will focus on soil fertility, forage crop establishment, plant growth, animal nutrient requirements, and management-intensive grazing. Training will take place in both classroom and field settings. Multiple classroom lectures addressing plant and grazing management will be combined with hands-on activities at the UGA farms in Tifton. Demonstrations of fencing and watering options will highlight valuable management practices for livestock producers.

Cost of the two day program is yet to be determined but is set at our costs (usually $150-180 for the first person, $50 per extra participant from the same farm) and includes lunches and breaks on each day, a nice dinner on the first night, a grazing school handbook, a forage and weed ID handbook, and a copy of Southern Forages 4th Edition textbook. Participants are responsible for lodging.  Please note: registration is limited to 35 participants and is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. You may want to register quickly. These spots fill up fast.

NOW is the Time to Apply K Fertilizer

We are experiencing some stand losses in bermudagrass. It is extremely important to maintain proper K fertility, not only for good yields, but also for resistance to disease. Below is some data from a recent study in Mississippi that shows the relationship.

NOW is the perfect time to fortify your stand’s K status. Applying K now can help promote excellent stolon and rhizome production. It also encourages healthy preparations for winter dormancy. For more on this subject go to County Agent Andrew Sawyer’s blog at


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