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Corn Storage

Posted by romeethredge on November 17, 2012

Corn Storage and storage of other grains and oilseeds is important on our farms. With higher prices for these commodities , storage is more critical and proper drying and care of the stored commodity is critical.

We have a real good UGA Extension publication that deals with this and can be accessed by clicking here

Here are some excerpts from this publication.

“Aerate grain in storage when it is at least 10 degrees F warmer than outside air temperature and humidity is below 65 percent. An air flow rate of 1/10 cubic feet per bushel per minute is adequate for cooling grain.

Drying fans can be used to cool grain in a few hours when outside air conditions are favorable. Air should be pulled from the top of the bin and exhausted through the bottom to prevent moisture condensation at the top of the grain during aeration. Never add heat during aeration. Operation of aeration fans during summer is not recommended unless hot spots or a musty odor develop. If this occurs, operate the fan during the coolest part of the day for about 10 minutes until the problem disappears or until the grain can be marketed.

Grain held in storage should be inspected and probed every 3 to 4 weeks. Check for insect activity, high temperatures, mold growth or sprouting at the top of the grain.

Keep moisture in stored grain below 12-13 percent to stop the development of aflatoxin. Also keep insect activity to a minimum.

Cooling the grain below 60 degrees F with outside air as soon as temperatures permit is beneficial in arresting the development of insect populations.”


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