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Question of the Week – “3 days up, 6 days out”

Posted by romeethredge on November 24, 2012

Jake Ford answered my question from last week. He simply said “3 days up and 6 days out“. It was a cotton physiology question. When coming out from the mainstem on a fruiting branch the cotton bolls are set 6 days apart as you go out towards the end. So, in the photo the boll on the left was formed, you could say that the flower bloomed and 6 days later the next one bloomed. So the 1st boll is 18 days older than the last one on the far right.

So why did Jake say 3 days up? If you go up the cotton plant to the next branch, that 1st position boll will be set 3 days after the one down below it.

As cotton guru Scott Brown recently told me a gentleman said to him after hearing such an explanation, ” Boy, you’ve spent entirely too much time in a cotton field. “

This week I want you to identify the plant this bloom was on. It was commonly as a cover crop here, I’m told in the early 1900’s I still see it on roadsides from time to time, it is poisonous to consume.

4 Responses to “Question of the Week – “3 days up, 6 days out””

  1. Mike Box said

    It looks like crotalaria

  2. Mike Lindsey said

    Crotalaria (Crotalaria spectabilis)

  3. John Adams said


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