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Blackbirds Everywhere

Posted by romeethredge on November 30, 2012

Blackbirds are really causing some problems right now in south Georgia. They are pulling up wheat and other small grain seedlings. They are destroying some sunflower fields. and lots of late planted grain sorghum (aka milo) is being affected. Some folks planted milo after harvesting corn and it is doing well, they are harvesting it now and I’ve heard of some 75 bushel yields. Here’s a link to my post last year about this problem where I highlighted the wheat situation  I’ll deal more with Grain sorghum in this post.

Here are some possible solutions: Propane exploders, rifle or shotgun shooting, electronic noise systems, helium filled balloons tethered in the field, radio controlled model planes, distress calls for birds (can be tape recorded), and scarecrows. Here are some photos we took in a field of Grain sorghum planted after corn harvest in the same field. The blackbirds weren’t scared by my truck even when I blew the horn. They would fly and come back a little further away. Firing a gun does pretty well but has to be repeated often. You can also sacrifice some of these birds that are causing this damage according to Federal Depredation Order 50CFR21.43  There are also a few poison baits that could be used as a last resort._DSC1803_DSC1812_DSC1797_DSC1798

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  1. These pictures are really good.

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