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Question of the Week – Crotalaria

Posted by romeethredge on November 30, 2012

Yes, I had several correct answers to my identification question last week. It was Crotalaria. It was used for a rotational crop long ago. It’s a legume and so it adds Nitrogen to the soil. You still see it from time to time. I see some every year. It is posionous if eaten due to the alkaloids in it. It sometimes goes by the name of Rattlebox and Rattleweed. Tommy Dollar says he sees it in Gadsden County, Florida and south end of Decatur more than in Seminole. It may have something to do with that being the old area where shade tobacco was grown and I believe they used  Crotalaria in rotation.  It has been called an invasive in some areas.



This week’s question is about our Donalsonville Christmas Parade that was help last night. Who is the farmer in the photo driving a tractor in the parade? It was a good parade with several farmers with decorated tractors and many depictions of parts of the Christmas story, the real Christmas story about Christ’s Birth.


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