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30 inch Ultra Late Soybeans

Posted by romeethredge on December 13, 2012

I was watching the harvest of Brantley Broome’s 30 inch Ultra late soybeans last week. These were planted after corn harvest. The field I was in was the last field planted, about August 3rd. The earlier planted fields were taller and they all yielded well. Most of the Ultra Late Soybeans here are drilled in 7.5 inch or 15 inch rows. Here they burned the stubble and planted in rows. It worked well and I liked the harvest with the row crop header. I was told they don’t make them anymore but they sure worked well with these beans. It looks like a corn header but it cuts the whole plant and takes everything through the combine. There seemed to be less loss involved. We normally use a grain table on drilled soybeans.  I’ll include some photos, here, and this first one is a very short video.





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