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Question of the Week – Grinch Brain, jk

Posted by romeethredge on December 20, 2012

Last week’s question was about a photo of a green circular object about the size of a softball.

It’s a Grinch brain. Well, it’s green like the Grinch. No, it’s really an Osage Orange fruit.  I had correct responses from Bob Dutton and Hal Earnest and Jennifer Whittaker. Here’s what Jennifer said, ” The“mystery” lime green ball is an Osage-orange. The shrubs are often planted as windbreaks to prevent erosion. Fruit isn’t edible for people but some animals like them. They’re great for decorating!! Pier One Imports & Kirkland’s charge mega bucks for decorator balls like these that Mother Nature provides for free!”

I still think it looks like a Grinch brain.


















For this week’s question I have a photo I took at Wakulla Springs this week. It was an alligator that had something unusual about it. The Ranger said it had been that way for several years. What is it and what caused it?_DSC2514

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