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Question of the Week – Charango

Posted by romeethredge on January 9, 2013

The instrument I asked about last week is the Charango and is made from an Armadillo. From the front you can’t really tell but when you see the back you can see the armadillo in the construction. It sounds kind of like a Ukulele to me.


Here’s some info from the World Instrument Gallery.

The charango is a small Andean lute that was traditionally made from the body of  an armadillo. There are a number of types and sizes with four to fifteen
strings, and a wide range of tunings. The most common charango has ten strings
arranged in double courses. The charango is usually performed in a small
ensemble with guitar and flutes to accompany singing. The charango is as
percussive as it is melodic. Often, very complex staccato rhythms are played in
chords with a characteristic strumming technique. The fiery technique and
rhythms of the charango have made it a popular world instrument. Comes from Bolivia, Peru, Argentina area of South America.

This week I want to ask you if you can tell what this is that I took a photo of that was swimming near the boat._DSC2510


3 Responses to “Question of the Week – Charango”

  1. Anhinga or Water Turkey

  2. That’s close

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