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Hessian Fly Publication

Posted by romeethredge on January 29, 2013

A new publication is available to help Southeastern US farmers deal with the Hessian fly, a devastating insect pest of wheat.  You can download the fact sheet “Biology and Managemnet of Hessian Fly in the Southeast” to learn how the Hessian fly damages wheat and how to control it.

Click below for the direct link to the pdf.

Entomologists from five Southeastern States (Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky) including our own Dr. David Buntin, UGA Extension entomologist, worked together to produce the fact sheet.  This publication is a bit different than the usual Extension fact sheet.

Throughout the document you will find clickable links to a supporting website (   On that site you can find state by state reports on Hessian fly resistant varieties, additional pictures of the insect and associated plant damage, and research data showing how various agronomic practices affect the risk from Hessian fly.  Results of various insecticide trials are also included.Fullscreen capture 1292013 24510 PM


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