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Georgia Cotton Quality Awards – Local Folks win Region

Posted by romeethredge on February 8, 2013


Cotton Quality Awards were given at the Ga Cotton Commission Annual Meeting in Tifton last Wednesday. Front  – Billy Grant was the winner of the low acreage award, Brad Thompson won the medium acreage category and Parker Heard of Heard Family Farms took the prize for the Large acreage category. Back row – Scott Mitchell  of Cloverleaf Gin got the award for Excellence in cotton quality for all three categories.  These were regional awards for our 13 county deep southwest Georgia area. County Agents Rome Ethredge and Mitchell May of Decatur county are also pictured.  George Gray of Cloverleaf Gin was also present.

Over 70% of US cotton is exported to foreign mills that demand high-quality fiber. Georgia is the second largest cotton producing state in the US. The quality of Georgia cotton is important to the US cotton industry and both fiber quality and yield are important economic factors for profitability. The Georgia Quality Cotton Awards program began in 2005. The purpose for the awards is to recognize producers and ginners of high quality fiber. The program is administered by The University of Georgia Cotton Team and co-sponsored by Bayer CropScience and the Georgia Cotton Commission.


       Recognize the farmers and gins producing the highest quality cotton in Georgia.

       Identify management practices associated with production of high-quality fiber.

       Publicize and promote the quality of Georgia cotton.

Awards Criteria
There are 12 producer awards and they are given in each of 3 cotton acreage categories within 4 regions of the state. The gin for each producer will also receive an award. The producer winner will be the nominee with the highest average Loan Value per pound of lint.

This year Cloverleaf Gin won all three categories. The three grower acreage categories and the winners are listed below. Two of them are Seminole County Growers and the large acreage category was won by Heard Family farms, who farms a lot here but their headquarters is in Decatur County.  The average loan value of their ginned cotton is what is used to determine the winners and is listed below as well.

Less Than 500 Acres:  Billy Grant – 56.8704

 500 to 1000 acres:  Thompson Family Farms  ( Brad and Amy Thompson) – 54.7495

 Greater Than 1000 acres:  Heard Family Farms (Glenn Heard and his son Parker representing them) – 55.9710



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