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Question of the Week – Mistletoe

Posted by romeethredge on March 14, 2013

I had several “much kissed” folks that knew all about Mistletoe and answered last week’s question correctly. It was a photo of Mistletoe berries. They are quite sticky when mature so that they stick to birds and critters and are spread around a lot. Here’s a link to a UGA publication concerning it . And here’s some info from the publication.

“The fruit contains a single sticky seed. Seeds readily stick to any surface through drying, viscin acting as

a glue, while seed strings provide a large surface area for attachment. Mistletoe seeds are dispersed primarily

by birds through seeds sticking to beaks and feet, in excrement, or by regurgitation.”

Here’s another photo of it in my tree. _DSC3442

This week’s question is about the birds we saw on Lake Seminole last weekend. Can you identify them?



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