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Rust on Non-Resistant Wheat

Posted by romeethredge on April 4, 2013

I think I may sometimes downplay the importance of varietial or genetic pest resistance in a plant variety. That was brought to light to me this week. Crop consultant Mark Mitchell contacted me about seeing some stripe rust nearby and I was surprised because I had not seen any yet. We checked on the varieties with Dr. Alfredo Martinez, UGA Extension Plant Pathologist, and they were susceptible to this disease and I realized that every field I had been in recently were where we had pretty good resistance to stripe rust. Then a day or so later I was asked to look at a field that had an older non resistant variety in it and sure enough there was a good bit of stripe rust and leaf rust in it.

 Stripe rust is a serious wheat disease and it mostly occurs in patches in the field but they may be very numerous and it needs to be taken seriously. It is usually a lighter yellow-orange than is the leaf rust we commonly have every year on most varieties at some level.

See the photo below of rust I saw this week. You can see stripe rust on the right and leaf rust on the left. Dr. Martinez has a good publication concerning stripe rust at this link.

I also saw some serious powdery mildew this week as well, I suppose the cooler temperatures are making it a worse problem than usual.


Leaf rust on the left and stripe rust on the right.


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