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Question of the Week – Japanese Honeysuckle

Posted by romeethredge on April 12, 2013

I had a photo of Japanese Honeysuckle last week. Here’s some info from our Georgia Invasive species task force web site.

“A native of eastern Asia, it was first introduced into America in 1806 in Long Island, New York.  Japanese honeysuckle has been planted widely throughout the United States as an ornamental, for erosion control, and for wildlife habitat.  It currently occurs in at least 38 states and is found throughout Georgia.

Japanese honeysuckle invades a variety of habitats including forest floors and canopies, roadsides, wetlands, and disturbed areas.  The long growing season, due to its evergreen tendencies, helps this plant out-compete many native species.  It can girdle small saplings by twining around them and can form dense mats in the canopies of trees, shading out everything below.”

More info at this link

I believe it is useful for deer browse however.

This week I have a photo of a bird we saw recently at St. Marks. Can you identify it?



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