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Soybeans for 2013

Posted by romeethredge on April 16, 2013

Here’s some information concerning planting dates for soybeans. Fullscreen capture 4162013 75511 PM

The optimum period for planting soybeans in Georgia is from May 10 to June 10.

Planting can begin as early as May 1 if soils are warm (>70°F) and tall-growing MG V or VI varieties are used. Planting before May 1 usually causes premature flowering, plant stunting and reduced seed quality, especially in MG VII or later varieties. Very early-maturing soybean varieties tend to have a more narrow range of favorable planting dates than do late-maturing varieties. This occurs because at southern latitudes the photoperiod response induces early varieties to flower before obtaining adequate growth necessary for optimum yields.

Planting after June 10 reduces plant growth, auxiliary limb branching, root nodulation and nitrogen fixation, and yield.

However, the planting period can be extended as late as June 30 if adapted tall growing late maturing varieties are used.

These varieties should be used in conjunction with approved late-planting practices of higher plant populations and close rows when planting cannot be made during the optimum period. Typically, all planting should be completed before July 1. Growth and yield, even with the best of efforts, may not be economicalafter this time.

Expect soybean yield with good varieties and management to decline about ½ to ¾ bushel/A for every day planting is delayed after June 10.

Planting date guidelines above can be modified slightly for the Early Soybean Production System which uses MG IV or early MG V indeterminate soybeans and the Ultra-Late Soybean Production System which consists of planting soybean following corn harvest. See the section in the soybean production guide “Early and Ultra-late Soybean Production Systems in Georgiafor more details.

Here’s a link to the newly revised Soybean Production Guide for 2013.

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