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Small Grain Harvest Started

Posted by romeethredge on May 24, 2013

Small grain harvest has started with a bang this week. I’ve been surprised at how quickly our small grains have dried down. Some growers checked grain moisture and stopped, but many had low enough moistures to keep going. They are having to check fields and move around some.

Wheat yields look ok, but nothing special. Down from our high years for sure. We may have some decrease from the cloudy wet weather we had earlier. Also some cold injury in some areas. We had vernalization problems as well, due to lack of cold hours. I saw one or two fields with some fusarium head blight, not a common problem here, but made worse by rain during flowering. I’m hearing that stink bugs are pretty commonly seen in these fields so we have to watch for them moving to corn. One good thing about the dry weather we have now is that it makes good harvest conditions for small grains, but we need some rain.


Wheat harvest.


Here's some oats being combined.

Here’s some oats being combined.




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