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Mule Train Running

Posted by romeethredge on June 7, 2013

It’s sweet corn time in Georgia. The mule trains are running slowly through the fields. Most sweet corn is hand harvested after the tassels and upper stalk is cut off with a strange looking mover with blades 4 feet high. The guys cut it off and toss handfuls of corn onto the wagon and it is packed into crates and loaded onto the truck attached to the mule train. As soon as it is loaded it goes to the nearby precooler and water close to freezing is poured through it to hold in the sweetness and goodness of the sweet corn. Then it is loaded onto trucks to go to market.





One Response to “Mule Train Running”

  1. Mace Bauer , Florida County Agent has a good video of the harvest on his blog at the link below.

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