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Species of Thrips in Georgia

Posted by romeethredge on June 10, 2013

We are hearing reports of thrips control problems in other areas but our foliar sprays seem to be working well in southwest Georgia. I communicated with Dr. Phillip Roberts, and Dr. Mike Toews, UGA Entomologists in Tifton, and they are finding mostly Tobacco thrips in their surveys, (96%). This is sampling in peanuts and cotton. Tobacco thrips are the ones we can control with good success.

Identifying them can be difficult. The Tobacco thrips are very dark in color when they are adults. A lot of what we are seeing is juveniles and they are light crème colored and have no wings. The problem thrips in some areas are Western Flower thrips and they are lighter colored as adults, kind of brown.


tobacco_thrips westernflower-thrips

This is the Western Flower thrips adult on the right. We don’t want to see many of these as they are more costly to control.  The more common Tobacco thrips is on the left. The immatures will be lighter in color however and have no wings.


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