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Reflex Herbicide Injury on Soybean

Posted by romeethredge on June 12, 2013

Many soybean growers are in the process of applying their 1st postemergence (POST) herbicide. Dr. Eric Prostko, UGA Extension Scientist, reminds us about possible burn.   One of the most popular POST soybean herbicide used in Georgia is Reflex (fomesafen).  Reflex can be mixed with glyphosate (avoid K+ salt formulations of glyphosate though) and will provide both POST and residual control of Palmer amaranth.  Growers who have not used Reflex in the past need to be aware of the fact that this herbicide will cause temporary crop injury (Figure 1).  Since Reflex is a contact herbicide, the injury will only be observed on the leaves that were present at application and yield should not be affected.

Any new soybean growth should not exhibit Reflex injury symptoms.  Other PPO-inhibitor herbicides, including Cobra (lactofen) and Ultra Blazer (acifluorfen), will cause similar soybean injury symptoms.

Figure 1.  Fomesafen injury on soybean, 7 DAT, Ty Ty, GA 2013.

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