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Summer Camp

Posted by romeethredge on June 27, 2013

W e are at summer 4-H camp this week at Rock Eagle. We had some good hard Rock Eagle toast this morning in the nice fairly new dining hall. Other changes are that there are some new cabins being built and we are thankful to lots of supporters including the Ga General Assembly for that.

Kids are learning lots this week including a great class on entomology where they had beetle races and went on a bug hunt. The canoeing has been fun and many children have never done it. I asked one girl if it was her first time canoeing and she said “Oh no, I’ve done it on computer games sitting in my house. ”  I’m glad for Ga 4-H where she can experience it for real.

The high ropes were a challenge and many kids were up to it although it’s a little scary. There are over 700 4-H’ers here this week from all over Georgia, making friends and experiencing new things.

I stayed in a cabin just like number 5 we are in this week 39 years ago and had a lot of the same experiences except we didn’t sleep under air conditioning then. I’m glad Georgia 4-H is still alive and well.

I better get back to the kids now and check on the boy who asked me if he could pee in the lake, to make sure he found the bathroom, and try to find someone to give advice to the boy who asked how to flirt with a girl. I told him I’d been married too long,I don’t really remember.


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4 Responses to “Summer Camp”

  1. Laura Johnson said

    awesome as always!

  2. Jennifer Whittaker said

    Thanks for the belly laughs!!! You provided several with this post! I think you should write a book, Tales from 4-H Camp. Hurrah to GA 4-H for getting kids outside & back into nature!

  3. Jed Evans said

    Some of my fondest memories are from RE, it’s always good to be reminded. Bleckley Co. is there this week with you, help take care of those kids!

  4. mace said

    Great update, Rome

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