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The Moisture has Met

Posted by romeethredge on July 10, 2013

Graph of  Depth to water level, feet below land surfaceIt hasn’t rained for a day or so and it’s a welcome change. We need a little drying out. You can see that our groundwater level is now at about 19 feet, whereas the long term average is 34 feet down to water at this time of year.

Doug Mayo, Florida County Agent, shared the link to this great Accumulated rainfall site. You can click on 1 day or 7 days or whatever you want to see as far as how much it has rained, estimated, in an area. I put the link on my blogroll on the left side of my home page so you can get to it anytime by clicking on the link there.

Here’s the chart for the last 7 days. I heard they had a lot of rain near Panama City, one farmer was down there and he said they saw 2 kayaks being paddled down Thomas Drive.

Fullscreen capture 7102013 95912 AM


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