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Question of the Week – Ghost Crab

Posted by romeethredge on July 11, 2013

Last week I asked about a crab that was in a hole we found on Shell Island at Panama City Beach. It was a ghost crab. They are rare to see in the daytime. At 4-H camps on the coast we often take the kids out at night to see them.


Here’s some crab info from South Carolina DNR.

Ghost crabs are largely nocturnal in nature and it is rare to catch a glimpse of them during the day. Most feeding activity occurs at night, which reduces predation by visual predators like shore birds and gulls that might otherwise be capable of exerting considerable pressure on populations of this species. In the event that they do leave their burrow during daylight, their ability to change color to match the sand where they live lessens their chances of being seen on such a foray.

The burrows dug by ghost crabs may be up to 4 feet deep. Their habits of periodically closing the burrow opening with sand during the hottest part of the day and of remaining within the burrow through the colder months provide sufficient protection from the climatic extremes that fully aquatic species rarely encounter. These burrows, which take different shapes beneath the sand, are found from near the high tide line to a distance as great as a quarter mile from the ocean.

The range for the crab, Ocypode quadrata, extends from Block Island, Rhode Island to Santa Catarina, Brazil, including the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean.


This week’s question is about this seal. Does anyone know what this seal or crest represents?




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