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Wet Peanuts

Posted by romeethredge on July 18, 2013


These extremely early planted peanuts look good. Rains hit it about right and the field is fairly sandy.

Peanuts  have received plenty of rain, and it is continuing.

Oldest peanuts look good to me except for in the low areas where there’s too much moisture. When peanuts are setting and filling pods, they benefit from lots of moisture, and some look very good.  Vines in photo were 16 inches deep on some very early planted peanuts. Rainfall during the first 30 days or so leads to deep vines, lots of foliage. Peanuts not receiving early rain or too much rain generally  have small vines.


 Younger peanuts and peanuts in very wet fields are yellow and are growing new roots to try to get oxygen and nutrients.


Growers are having trouble getting field work done. Lots of tractors have been stuck in fields and have had to be pulled out with other tractors._DSC8543


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