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Question of the Week – Seminole County School

Posted by romeethredge on July 19, 2013

The seal or crest we showed last week is the seal of Seminole County Middle/High School. I’m proud of it as it salutes the importance of agriculture in our community. It has the breaking plow and a peanut, proudly displayed on it.   In some areas it’s tough for people to understand the importance of agriculture, even though it is a driving force in most all communities. _DSC5057

This week I want to ask you about this corn in the photo. What is happening here?

purple corn


11 Responses to “Question of the Week – Seminole County School”

  1. bshep said

    Is it phosphorous deficiency?

  2. Curt said

    It has been a while since I had this class, but it looks like Poast of Fusilade. Now the question is, why don’t the other plants show this?

  3. Keith said

    When I was in Peru a few months ago on a mission trip up in the Andies Mountians (about 12,000 ft elevation), nearly all of the corn that they grew was colored purple like this – in fact, even the grain was purple. They locals made special dishes out of this purple corn (which I cannot remember the name of!) However, this corn was a special variety for that purpose and I I don’t think that is what is going in with this corn.

    I think that what you are seeing is the results of very wet feet in the corn, which causes stresses in the plant that decrease the amount of photosysthensis that the plant is able to produce. The results is that a natural pigment found in some varieties of corn called anthocyanin becomes visiable, resulting in the purple color. It is basically the same process that happens in some trees when the leaves turn red in the fall – as the levels of chlorophyll decrease, the pigment becomes visable resulting in a color change.

  4. Jeremy Lumpkin said

    Looks like CSS (Corn Stunt Spiroplasma)

  5. r.thompson said

    some one ate the ear of corn

  6. J Burke said

    Ear Thief!!

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