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Heat Units Low

Posted by romeethredge on August 2, 2013

Temperatures have been lower than normal and so maturity is delayed somewhat.

Generally with peanuts we look at Growing degree days by looking at the hours that we get above 56 degrees F and we don’t count over 95 degrees F.  See the graphic below showing that the Heat unit accumulation for southwest Georgia is about 280 hours less this year than the average of the 2 previous years.

Corn harvest is late as well with less heat and too much rain at harvest. One grower said last year his corn was 14% moisture planted the same time but this year its still in the mid twenties.  We generally harvest and deliver a large amount of corn in July but not much left the fields this year and that which was had to be dried a lot before delivery.


Cotton is behind and we need every square to make blooms and bolls. See related cotton article posted a few days ago.


I talked to a small muscadine grower this morning that said he had harvested 500 pounds of grapes by Aug 1st last year and this year he has picked enough for one snack is all. Muscadine grapes are sensitive to heat unit accumulation and there could be other reasons for the short crop.

Fullscreen capture 812013 85904 AM


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