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Beggarweed in Peanuts

Posted by romeethredge on August 7, 2013

We are seeing some Florida Beggarweed popping through the peanut canopy in some fields. Here are a few quick reminders from Dr Eric Prostko, UGA Extension Scientist, for you to consider regarding the control of this weed at this time of year:

  • If the peanut field was maintained weed-free of Florida beggarweed for 4 weeks after emergence, beggarweed plants emerging after that time will not directly reduce yields via competition.  However, if the beggarweed population is high enough, peanut yields could be indirectly affected because of reduced fungicide deposition and harvest efficiency (i.e. digging problems).

  • Herbicide control options at this time of year include the following: a) POST application of Classic; or b) Gramoxone (paraquat) applied in a non-selective applicator (NSA).  Please refer to page 448 of the 2013 UGA Pest Control Handbook for additional information regarding the use of these herbicides for the control of Florida beggarweed in peanut.

  • Of these 2 herbicide options, paraquat in a NSA will usually be more effective than Classic because the plants are usually way too big.  According to the label, Classic should be applied before the Florida beggarweed reaches 10” in height or begins to bloom.

  • Florida beggarweed plants that have survived an earlier POST application of Cadre may not be adequately controlled by Classic.

  • GA-06G and Tifguard are more sensitive to Classic than other cultivars such as Georgia Greener, Florida-07, and GA-07W.  Thus, Classic should only be considered on these cultivars if beggarweed populations are at a level that will significantly influence fungicide deposition and digging.


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