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Wet Spots

Posted by romeethredge on August 16, 2013

There are still lots of wet areas in all fields. Corn combines have been stuck repeatedly as well as all types of equipment. Some spots dried out a little but we will still see yield loss in these areas. Irrigation systems were put back into service due to recent heat and less rain in some areas. Irrigation systems often have to travel through wet areas to get around fields. Systems have been getting stuck in many areas.  Here’s a contributed photo of a farmer’s son trying to help get a system out of a bog where water is at least 6 feet deep. Notice the small gator in the bottom left that came out to observe.

photo (7)


Wet spots like this in peanut fields will cost us yield.


Large areas of some fields have been affected, like this one in a cotton field.


Corn combine had to be pulled through this wet area.



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