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More Rain, a year’s worth already

Posted by romeethredge on August 22, 2013

We have had over a year’s worth of rain and it’s still August. Here’s the numbers from our Donalsonville weather station. We’ve had over 60 inches and our yearly average is 54 inches.

Fullscreen capture 8222013 95457 AM

Here are the past years’ numbers for all year rainfall. We’ve had over 15 inches more than all of 2012 and 20 inches more than all of 2011.

Fullscreen capture 8222013 95610 AM

The soil is saturated after the additional 7 inches last week. One of my neighbor’s wells is an artesian well now. So much pressure it’s blowing water out the top of the well caseing with no pump on. This well is near Fishpond drain.

photo (7)

Our groundwater level is as high as I’ve ever seen it. Normally it’s 37 feet down this time of year and it’s 11 feet down at the test well.

Fullscreen capture 8222013 95203 AM

Most all Georgia waterways are high.

Fullscreen capture 8222013 95332 AM

Numerous wet areas in fields that will be low yielding. This peanut field received no rain for the first month of its life(planted May 1). June, July and August have definitely made up for it. And now we will lose yield in these wet areas. The areas that aren’t overly wet look good. We will likely have a good dryland peanut yield this year.



Here’s what the peanuts look like in the wet areas, not much on them.


Cotton fields are inundated in areas and we are seeing a good many squares and young bolls shedding due to the weather.



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