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Corn Harvest Winding Down

Posted by romeethredge on September 6, 2013

Our corn harvest is winding down but there are still some wet spots in several fields that need harvesting. There are several big fields that haven’t seen a combine but they are fewer and fewer.  Also, folks that don’t have drying capabilities are still waiting on a few fields to field dry, but most of those will be dry enough next week to get into. I don’t see many of these 12 row (36 inch row spacing) headers but this one works great in the hands of a capable operator. I rode with Calvin Atkinson of Dollar Family Farms and he cut a load of corn in no time with this big boy in northern Seminole county.

Yields are good with most folks agreeing that we are seeing about a 20 bushel decrease from last year’s yields and the quality isn’t as good due to the incessant rainfall.


Morninglories have been a problem as they are in most years when it gets late and there has been sunshine hitting the ground for a while.


photo (7)-003

Here’s Jerry Jones from over near Whigham Ga with some corn doing close to 230 Bu per acre.

Below we are checking the yields on some corn test plots this week at Jerry Jones’ farm and also Jud Greene’s farm near Brinson. Thanks to Dennis Jones and Roebie Burriss for their help.

photo (7)-002


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