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Grain Sorghum

Posted by romeethredge on September 13, 2013

Grain sorghum, also called milo, is seen on more acres every year it seems. I saw it in Africa as it grew in areas too dry for Corn and then as you approached the desert there was more pearl millet grown as you increase in tolerance to dry weather. The types grown there were tall and would drop when birds lit on them and that discouraged them from eating it up. We grow grain sorghum here for silage and grain for production into Ethanol and animal feed such as quail.  When growing for silage we can even ratoon it (cut it and let it grow back) and get another smaller silage crop before frost.

It’s a shorter season crop but it is sensitive to cold weather. This year’s grain sorghum looks good although we are seeing some leaf disease,(anthracnose) and caterpillar problems. Here’s Glen Heard, one of our largest grain sorghum growers in the area with some of this year’s crop.



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