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Three cornered Alfalfa Hopper Damage

Posted by romeethredge on September 18, 2013

I’ve been seeing the results of Three cornered alfalfa hoppers (TCAH) in our peanut fields. They girdle the stems by feeding in a circle around it. This apparently keeps the photosynthetic sugars being produced in the leaves from moving down to the rest of the plant. These sugars accumulate and cause the reddish purple coloring, or anthocyanins.




Dr. Mark Abney, UGA Entomologist says,”Three cornered alfalfa hoppers (TCAH) can still be found in  many fields. Though we do not have validated thresholds for this pest, research  has shown that infestations occurring on peanuts within 25 days of harvest do not require treatment. Treatment  decisions for TCAH in fields more than 25 days from harvest are a “best guess”.  Most growers will treat when TCAHs are readily seen flushing from the plants as  one walks through the field. It should be noted that populations may not be  uniform across a field, and numbers may be higher near field borders.”

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