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Peanut Digging Picking Up

Posted by romeethredge on September 20, 2013

Peanut digging is going on in Georgia, but not in a real big way yet. A few more days and we will be in full swing. However, some very early planted fields have been dug and picked.  Early reports from these fields are of good grades, 73 to 76. Also, it looks like the yields from these first fields are good with reports from several fields going over 6000 pounds per acre, of course there have been some other fields that have not done as well, too.

Here’s Judson Hornsby, Nicholas Smith and Will Hornsby checking the peanuts behind the plow. This whole field is flipped over now and will have a picker in them in a few days.


Here below are Glen and Parker Heard near Brinson with some good looking Ga 06G’s.

_DSC0279 _DSC0273 _DSC0272 _DSC0265 _DSC0241

We are still concerned about the overall yield due to the different rain patterns on the majority of the crop which was planted later.  Also we know we will have a much reduced yield in the wet spots which constitute 10 percent or so. Some growers are talking about some whole fields that are in low areas that may have a reduced yield. We are optimistic however about the yield and grades at this point in time in the southeast US.

 Most fields have good vine and plant health but some problems with the peanut vines are seen now in a few fields.  Upon investigation, we find some significant leaf burn in many fields due to spray mixes of fungicides and insecticides that have burned the leaves. The foliage seems more tender and susceptible to the burn probably to the excessive rainfall and cloudy days.

We are also seeing leaf diseases causing some defoliation. These include early and late leafspot and peanut rust.


Randy Hill, Andrew Sawyer and Austin Mathews are checking out the 6 row peanut picker that will be put to use in a few days.


 _DSC0338 _DSC0337

J. W Warriner and Andrew Sawyer, Thomas County Agent, are looking at these Tifguard Variety peanuts that are nematode resistant they have very pretty vines as well. Stems are a little weaker on them, according to Mr. J.W.


Another culprit causing some plants to go down is increased tomato spotted wilt virus, which has been worse this year than in the previous several years but it’s not at extreme levels as we have seen in the past. There’s some white mold as well.

 Peanut root knot nematodes are a serious problem and they are causing small vines and some fields are having to be dug slightly early due to their damage and presence. (photo below of nematode damage)



One Response to “Peanut Digging Picking Up”

  1. melanie Smith said

    So excited to see Vann beginning. It’s been the first time ever that we have not had peanuts by Sept. 20th!! Looking forward to a great harvest!!

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