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Tropical Spiderwort – Bad after corn

Posted by romeethredge on September 28, 2013

Tropical Spiderwort is a real problem after corn harvest. See the photos below that show how it grows so well after sunlight gets to the ground. In the second photo if you look close, you can see the roots I dug up that have some underground produced seeds on them. They produce seeds above and underground.

_DSC9838 _DSC9836

Here’s an excerpt from the UGA Weed Science publication concerning Tropical spiderwort that can be accessed at this link.

It’s native to tropical Asia and Africa. It has been shown to be an alternate host of the Southern Rootknot nematode.

Because tropical spiderwort can germinate and emerge up until frost, growers must implement fallow or postharvest control strategies in an effort to reduce seed production. This can be accomplished by using either tillage or herbicides. If fields are tilled, they should be cultivated every 3-4 weeks while tropical spiderwort is emerging.  In order for post-harvest/fallow herbicide treatments to be effective, they must be applied after the plants have recovered from any damage caused by harvesting equipment, when they are actively regrowing, and hopefully less than 6 inches in height. Tropical spiderwort will be killed by the first frost.

Fullscreen capture 9282013 85839 AM


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