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Whiteflies in Soybeans

Posted by romeethredge on October 4, 2013

I was looking at some Ultra-Late soybeans today that are looking good overall. They have a few loopers but I’m concerned about the level of whiteflies that are present. You can tell you have whiteflies by the way they will fly up when you disturb the plants. I didn’t see much sticky honeydew or sooty mold or I would be more concerned.  Dr. Phillip Roberts, UGA Entomologist, said we should watch them and if they are serious and we need a stinkbug or kudzubug spray anyway, then there are some chemistries that will suppress them. Call or email me for more information on that.  He says to keep the beans from any stress, especially moisture stress and only treat other pests when thresholds are exceeded so as to preserve beneficial insects. Their development should slow down as we have cooler fall temperatures.  The white insects are the adults and the yellow lemon shapes are the immatures.

_DSC0696 _DSC0697 _DSC0700 _DSC0701 _DSC0703 _DSC0706


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