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Soybeans – Dropping Leaves

Posted by romeethredge on October 25, 2013

Soybeans are dropping their leaves and harvest time is approaching for the full season crop.  Grower sprayed them twice with fungicide and once for caterpillars and once for stinkbugs and kudzubugs, so they have been cared for and I believe they will yield well.

Preharvest soybean losses can be minimized by planting shatter-resistant varieties and early harvest.

Soybeans should be harvested shortly after their moisture content first reaches 14-16 percent if possible or the buyer may require them to be 13% if you aren’t going to dry them.

The cylinder and fan speed must be adjusted to fit threshing conditions. When the moisture

content of the soybeans is above 13 percent, they are usually tough; so the cylinder speed may

have to be increased to 600 rpm. As soybeans dry, lower the cylinder speed to reduce breakage;

450 to 550 rpm should be high enough for soybeans that are below 13 percent in moisture






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