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Importance of Agriculture

Posted by romeethredge on November 8, 2013

Agriculture in Seminole and Decatur Counties

Agriculture is the lifeblood of these 2 “cornerstone” Georgia counties.

 We grow many crops and do a lot of further processing here as well. We have several mostly farmer or locally owned agribusinesses such as Cotton Gins and warehouses, a Peanut shelling, storage and marketing group, and Vegetable processing facilities. This area is known for intensive, high quality agricultural production partly due to the dedication and expertise of the growers and advisors here and also due to the irrigation capabilities we have to grow a quality crop. The underground water used in irrigation here is supplied mostly by the Floridan aquifer. It is quite prolific and is regularly naturally recharged completely. We manufacture some and sell and service all kinds of agricultural equipment here as well.

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Seminole County farm gate income is over $100 million per year. Field corn to feed our chickens and Ethanol plants brings in about $18 million on the 11,000 acres dedicated to it on average. Peanuts that are grown here are of very high quality and bring in around $25 million per year on 18 thousand acres. Peanuts are shelled here and shipped all over the world from our grower owned facilities. Cotton brings in  $25 to 30 million and is ginned by many facilities in the area. 30,000 acres on average are grown in Seminole County. Various vegetables such as snap beans, Irish potatoes and watermelons bring in close to 10 million per year. There are 100,000 acres in farms in the 180 farms in this county, with 65,000 in cropland and 57,000 of that is irrigated.

Decatur County farm gate income is close to $200 million per year in this larger land mass county that is dedicated to agriculture and agribusiness. Field corn is a 20 million dollar business here, grown on 13,000 acres. Peanuts bring in $36 Million on 25,000 acres. The production of peanuts and processing facilities employ many folks in Decatur county. Cotton is one of the kings here with over 32,000 acres dedicated to it and 35 million in farm gate value. Vegetable production, cooling and packing are important here with Tomatoes and Sweet Corn being very prevalent and total vegetable farm gate value of over $50 Million. There are 180,000 acres in farms in the 350 farms in this county, with 94,000 in cropland and 70,000 of that is irrigated.

Rome Ethredge

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