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Question of the Week – Florida Beggarweed

Posted by romeethredge on November 8, 2013

 Last week I had a photo of small things sticking to my shirt, all over it after I measured off a plot in an old field. These seeds were “begging” a ride on me, hoping to be spread to new fertile ground. I had several folks that identified them correctly. Florida Beggarweed, Desmodium tortuosum. It’s in the bean family and is leguminous, it fixes nitrogen. Other names it goes by are beggar lice, beggar tick and stick – tight.  I think maybe we copied it to make Velcro, it and the cocklebur. It is native to North and South America. They herbicides we use today control it pretty well in our crops thankfully.

This week I have a photo of a crop coming up in southern Seminole county that I want you to identify.

What is this?





One Response to “Question of the Week – Florida Beggarweed”

  1. Homeless Coot said

    Daucus Carota.

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