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It Got Cold

Posted by romeethredge on November 14, 2013

Our first good frost was last night in deep south Georgia. It didn’t last long but there was frost apparent this morning, early. We also had almost freezing temperatures recorded at our weather station, but they didn’t last long. Our official low was at 2:15 am and it was 31.7 degrees. From the 24 hour graph below it looks like it was around that temperature for an hour or less. The red line is temperature.

Fullscreen capture 11142013 85521 AM

It was cold enough to frost corn plants and some cotton leaves. I believe some cotton bolls were frozen as well. Most seemed to be the immature bolls left at the top, that may not have fluffed anyway.

Here’s a question and answer from Dr. Guy Collins, UGA Extension Cotton Scientist,

“Can one night of 32 degrees shut bolls and shut down plant?  Yes, but it is more determined by frost.  A real light frost on a mature boll is not bad.  But, if you have an immature boll with higher water content, it is more susceptible.  We will really know in a day or two if we have frost.  You’ll be able to see the bolls – mostly on top – they’ll be rotted and squishy.  And, you can smell it.”

Frozen boll.

Frozen boll.

Frosted leaves.

Frosted leaves.

This field has pretty much done what it will do this year, since the leaves were frosted last night. The top leaves were green yesterday.



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