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Question of the Week – Carrots

Posted by romeethredge on November 14, 2013

Last week I had a photo of a crop just coming up in narrow rows and it was carrots. I had many correct answers. Lots of smart folks out there. Several hundred acres are grown here in most years. They are very good and sweet.

Here’s an excerpt about Georgia Carrots from the UGA Research report that can be accessed at this link.

“Soil and climatic conditions in South Georgia are ideal for the production of quality carrots. South

Georgia’s sandy soils are better for uniform carrot growth than heavy clay soils. During fall and winter,

daytime temperatures are warmer and nights are cooler. These conditions promote sugar storage in carrots,

making carrots produced in south Georgia sweeter and having better color than others grown anywhere else

in the continental United States. Carrots grown in Georgia do not have a bitter taste or strong aroma. Thus,

on the basis of quality we can compete with carrots from Arizona, Florida, Texas or California. Production

time in other leading states, such as Michigan, Colorado, Washington, and most other states will not coincide

with Georgia production.”

Here is this week’s question.

What is this and what is it good for?



One Response to “Question of the Week – Carrots”

  1. Taylor mills said

    Dragon fly. Eats pest bugs like white flies

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