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Question of the Week – Planting Rows

Posted by romeethredge on November 26, 2013

Last week I had a photo of some rye cover crop that had been planted with a drill and the grower stopped up every 5th hole so that there will be a gap where the ripper shank and the row of cotton will be planted next spring. He’s counting on the rye cover to help with pigweed.

Here’s a great video by Dr. Stanley Culpepper, UGA Extension Weed Scientist, that discusses and shows how to have a good rye cover crop and how to manage it to help with pigweed problems in cotton.

This week I have a sad photo that I took last week. Tell me what it is and what happened?



3 Responses to “Question of the Week – Planting Rows”

  1. Jed Evans said

    Looks like a module burned up. How did it catch fire?

  2. Taylor mills said

    Cotton picker fire

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