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Oat problems

Posted by romeethredge on December 20, 2013

We are having some oat problems. Oats are grown mainly for cattle to graze but we also grow it for grain, mainly to use for seed the next year, and for a covercrop. Cattle love to graze oats and they have nice wide leaf blades. Our newer varieties have had genetic resistance to rust but last year that broke down and we saw it come into our oats.

We are seeing that again. Today, I found some rust here in Seminole County. What to do about it is the question. If you are grazing it you can’t put on fungicides or you could but you would have to wait for the required time before you put the cattle back into the oat patch. If you are growing oats for seed then a fungicide may be warranted if rust is nearby.

Before you spray , check for aphids as they are abundant now and can carry Barley Yellow Dwarf Disease.

Here’s a close up of the rust on the leaf that  I found today.

oat rust1

Here’s a further off shot.


Dr. Alfredo Martinez, UGA Plant Pathologist provided me this information concerning fungicides.

Wheat and oats fungicide chart common questions

Propiconazole(tilt) YES YESTilt can be applied up to 45 days prior to harvest Yes.Do not apply within 30 days of harvest for forage or hayPage 8 of label  
Metconazole(Caramba) YES YES30 days minimum time from application to harvest. No   livestock feeding restrictions) NOT sure, no clear label for forage. It says “no livestock   feeding restrictions”  
Pyraclostrobin(Headline) YES YESApply no later than the beginning of flowering (Feekes   10.5; Zadok’s 59) YESDo not harvest grain or feed green-chopped oats within 14   days of last applicationPage 20 of label Up to feekes 10.5 no more than this growth stage
Azoxystrobin(Quadris) YES NO NO  
Prothioconazole(Proline) YES YESDo not apply within 30 days of harvest NO  
Propiconazole + triflouxastrobin(Stratego) YES YESDo not apply after Feekes growth stage 8 (the ligule of   the flag leaf emerges). Do not apply within 40 days of harvest YESOnly one app. Do not graze treated area for 30 days; do   not harvest in 30 days for forage or 45 days for hay page 8 on label  
Prothioconazole + triflouxastrobin(Stratego YLD) YES NO NO  
Propiconazole + azoxystrobin(Quilt) YES Yes Yes  Do not apply within 7 days of harvest for forage or hay
Quilt XL YES Yes Yes  Do not apply within 7 days of harvest for forage or hay
prothioconazole  +   tebuconazole(Prosaro) YES NO NO  
Pyraclostrobin + metconazole(Twinline) YES YESApply no later than the beginning of flowering (Feekes   10.5; Zadok’s 59) Not sure. It says do not harvest BARLEY for hay  14 days of last application. No directions   for oats.  
Tebuconazole + trifloxystrobin(Absolute) YES NO NO  
Tebuconazole(Folicur) YESNot for powdery mildew




 Here’s another informational chart provided by Dr. Dennis Hancock, UGA Forage Scientist.

Fullscreen capture 12202013 43702 PM


2 Responses to “Oat problems”

  1. Matt said

    We’ve got it up here in Colquitt Co. too!

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