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Question of the Week – Stinging Nettle

Posted by romeethredge on December 23, 2013

 Last week I had a photo of Stinging Nettle I found in a pasture. Marvin Stewart, Dow Agrosciences Representative from Tallahassee had the first correct answer. It has tiny short hollow needles with poison in them that will affect you if you brush up against it. So do not touch it. It will cause a burning rash. Here’s a closeup where you can see the needle-like structures.



This week I have something different to ask you about. We were traveling near Live Oak Florida last week and I saw dozens of these mounds, about 6 inches across, at a rest stop. I thought at first they were fire ant mounds but there was no…… nevermind, I may give away the answer. What caused these mounds?

photo (7)


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